Legendary Journeys
Legendary Journeys
You may also be looking for King Aeson.

Aeson of Thebes was the second son of Hercules and Deianeira. Aeson, Ilea, Klonus, and Deianeira were all killed by Hera when she used a Fireball to destroy their home (HTLJ "The Wrong Path"). When Hercules visited the Underworld to bring Persephone home he encountered Aeson and the rest of his family in the Elysian Fields. When Hercules returned to Earth he asked Hades to erase Aeson's memories of the visit so he could exist peacefully (HTLJ "The Other Side").

When Hercules fell in love with Serena and visited the Underworld to tell his family about the forthcoming wedding, Strife tricked Aeson into following him from the Elysian Fields to Tartarus. There, Strife took Aeson's place and berated Hercules; telling him that he wanted to kill him. Hercules recognized that this was not his son and forced Strife to reveal himself. The hero then rescued Aeson, who had been chained up nearby. Aeson and his siblings watched over Hercules wedding to Serena (HTLJ "When a Man Loves a Woman").




Aeson was played by Paul McIver.