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"Seeds of Faith", the first episode released in 2000.
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2000 was the sixth year of production and release on Xena: Warrior Princess, covering the second half of season five and the first half of the final season.


The following television episodes, novels, and comics were released in 2000:

# Title Card Release Series Date
1 The Slave Trail XWP comics January
2 Sof titlecard.jpg "Seeds of Faith" XWP Season 5 January 10th
3 Lyre Lyre TITLE.jpg "Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire" January 17th
4 Punch Lines TITLE.jpg "Punch Lines" January 24th
5 GFC titlecard.jpg "God Fearing Child" January 31st
6 Mission from zeus.jpg Mission From Zeus YH novels February
Sacrifice XWP comics
7 EBtitlecard.jpg "Eternal Bonds" XWP Season 5 February 7th
8 Amphipolis Under TITLE.jpg "Amphipolis Under Siege" February 14th
9 Married with Fishsticks TITLE.jpg "Married with Fishsticks" February 21st
10 A Day at the Circus XWP comics March
11 Lifeblood TITLE.jpg "Lifeblood" XWP Season 5 March 13th
12 Kindred Spirits TITLE.jpg "Kindred Spirits" March 20th
13 Duel of Chariots XWP comics April
14 Ant and Cleo TITLE.jpg "Antony & Cleopatra" XWP Season 5 April 17th
15 Looking Death Eye TITLE.jpg "Looking Death in the Eye" April 24th
16 If You Go Down to the Woods... XWP comics May
17 Livia TITLE.jpg "Livia" XWP Season 5 May 1st
18 Eve episodetitlecard.jpg "Eve" May 8th
19 Motherhood TITLE.jpg "Motherhood" May 15th
20 The Magnificent Sven XWP comics June
21 Darkness Falls Part One July
22 Darkness Falls Part Two August
23 Legion September
Xena Quest Was Won.jpeg How the Quest Was Won XWP novels
24 This Year's Model XWP comics October
25 Ch titlecard.jpg "Coming Home" XWP Season 6 October 2nd
26 HOA titlecard.jpeg "The Haunting of Amphipolis" October 9th
27 Hoatitlecard.jpg "Heart of Darkness" October 16th
28 WhosGurkhan titlecap.jpg "Who's Gurkhan?" October 23rd
29 Titlecard Legacy.jpg "Legacy" October 30th
30 Abyss TITLE.jpg "The Abyss" November 6th
31 TRtitlecard.jpg "The Rheingold" November 13th
32 "The Ring" November 20th
33 Return of the Valkyrie titlecard.jpg "Return of the Valkyrie" November 27th