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"For Those of You Just Joining Us" and "Past Imperfect", the first episodes released in 1999.
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1999 was the seventh (and last) year of production on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, the fifth year of production on Xena: Warrior Princess, and the fifth year in which episodes from both series aired. It saw the cancellation of Young Hercules in May, followed by the conclusion of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys in November after a short sixth season.


The following television episodes, novels, and comics were released in 1999:

# Title Card Release Series Date
1 For those title.jpg "For Those of You Just Joining Us" HTLJ Season 5 January 4th
Past Imperfect TITLE.jpg "Past Imperfect" XWP Season 4
2 "Let There Be Light" HTLJ Season 5 January 11th
The Key to the Kingdon TITLE.jpg "The Key to the Kingdom" XWP Season 4
3 "Redemption" HTLJ Season 5 January 18th
Daughter of Pomira TITLE.jpg "Daughter of Pomira" XWP Season 4
4 "Sky High" HTLJ Season 5 January 25th
Shoe Fites TITLE.jpg "If the Shoe Fits..." XWP Season 4
5 StrangerAndStranger.png "Stranger and Stranger" HTLJ Season 5 February 1st
Paradise Found TITLE.jpg "Paradise Found" XWP Season 4
"Con Ares" YH episode
6 "Get Jason" February 2nd
7 "My Fair Lilith" February 3rd
8 "Hind Sight" February 4th
9 "The Head That Wears the Crown" February 5th
10 Iolaus2.png "Just Passing Through" HTLJ Season 5 February 8th
Devi titlecard.jpg "Devi" XWP Season 4
11 "Greece is Burning" HTLJ Season 5 February 15th
Between the Lines TITLE.jpg "Between the Lines" XWP Season 4
12 "Me, Myself and Eye" YH episode February 17th
13 "We'll Always Have Cyprus" HTLJ Season 5 February 22nd
The Way TITLE.jpg "The Way" XWP Season 4
"The Skeptic" YH episode
14 "Iolaus Goes Stag" February 23rd
15 "Adventures in the Forbidden Zone" February 24th
16 "The Prize" February 25th
17 "The Beasts Beneath" February 26th
18 Geek of greece.jpg Hercules and the Geek of Greece HTLJ novels March
19 "Parents' Day" YH episode March 2nd
20 "Life for a Life" March 3rd
21 The Play's the Thing TITLE.jpg "The Play's the Thing" XWP Season 4 March 15th
22 "The Academy" HTLJ Season 5 March 22nd
23 "Love on the Rocks" April 19th
TheConvert titlecard.jpg "The Convert" XWP Season 4
24 "Once Upon a Future King" HTLJ Season 5 April 26th
Takes One TITLE.jpg "Takes One to Know One" XWP Season 4
25 "Fade Out" HTLJ Season 5 May 3rd
Endgame title card.jpg "Endgame" XWP Season 4
26 "My Best Girl's Wedding" HTLJ Season 5 May 10th
IOM Titlecard.jpg "The Ides of March" XWP Season 4
"Under Siege" YH episode
27 "Mila" May 11th
28 "Apollo" May 12th
29 "Ill Wind" May 13th
30 "Valley of the Shadow" May 14th
31 Revelations title card.jpg "Revelations" HTLJ Season 5 May 17th
Deja Vu TITLE.jpg "Deja Vu All Over Again" XWP Season 4
32 YH Vol 1.jpg Young Hercules: Volume One YH novels July
33 Xena, Go Quest Young Man.jpeg Go Quest, Young Man XWP novels August
34 The Warrior Way of Death Part One XWP comics September
Cheiron's Warriors.jpg Cheiron's Warriors YH novels
35 Be Deviled title card.jpg "Be Deviled" HTLJ Season 6 September 27th
Fallen Angel TITLE.jpg "Fallen Angel" XWP Season 5
36 The Warrior Way of Death Part Two XWP comics October
37 "Love, Amazon Style" HTLJ Season 6 October 4th
Chakram titlecard.jpg "Chakram" XWP Season 5
38 "Rebel With a Cause" HTLJ Season 6 October 11th
Succession TITLE.jpg "Succession" XWP Season 5
39 Animal Attraction TITLE.jpg "Animal Attraction" October 18th
40 "Darkness Visible" HTLJ Season 6 October 25th
41 In Hell XWP comics November
42 "Hercules, Tramps and Thieves" HTLJ Season 6 November 1st
Them Bones TITLE.jpg "Them Bones, Them Bones" XWP Season 5
43 "City of the Dead HTLJ Season 6 November 8th
Purity TITLE.jpg "Purity" XWP Season 5
44 "A Wicked Good Time" HTLJ Season 6 November 15th
Bakc in the Bottle TITLE.jpg "Back in the Bottle" XWP Season 5
45 Full Circle title card.jpg "Full Circle" HTLJ Season 6 November 22nd
Little Problems TITLE.jpg "Little Problems" XWP Season 5
46 Ares Alliance.jpg The Ares Alliance YH novels December
Slave XWP comics