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"If I Had a Hammer..." and "Warrior... Priestess... Tramp", the first episodes released in 1998.
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1998 was the sixth year of production on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, the fourth year of production on Xena: Warrior Princess, and the fourth year in which episodes from both series aired. It saw the premiere of the Young Hercules franchise.


The following television episodes, novels, and comics were released in 1998:

# Title Card Release Series Date
1 The Dragon's Teeth Part Two XWP comics January
2 If i had a hammer title.jpg "If I Had a Hammer..." HTLJ Season 4 January 12th
Warrior Priestess Tramp TITLE.jpg "Warrior... Priestess... Tramp" XWP Season 3
3 Herc on trial title.jpg "Hercules on Trial" HTLJ Season 4 January 19th
The Quill is Mightier TITLE.jpg "The Quill is Mightier..." XWP Season 3
4 Medea Culpa Title.jpg "Medea Culpa" HTLJ Season 4 January 26th
Maternal Instincts TITLE.jpg "Maternal Instincts" XWP Season 3
5 The Dragon's Teeth Part Three XWP comics February
6 Men in pink title.jpg "Men in Pink" HTLJ Season 4 February 2nd
The Bitter Suite TITLE.jpg "The Bitter Suite" XWP Season 3
7 Armageddon now title.jpg "Armageddon Now" HTLJ Season 4 February 9th
One against an army TITLE.jpg "One Against an Army" XWP Season 3
8 Armageddon 2 title.jpg "Armageddon Now Part 2" HTLJ Season 4 February 16th
Forgiven TITLE.jpg "Forgiven" XWP Season 3
9 Young Hercules Cover.jpg Young Hercules YH film February 17th
10 Yes virginia title.jpg "Yes, Virginia, There is a Hercules" HTLJ Season 4 February 23rd
King Con TITLE.jpg "King Con" XWP Season 3
11 Descent Into Death Part 1 XWP comics March
12 When in Rome TITLE.jpg "When in Rome..." XWP Season 3 March 2nd
13 Normal forgetmenot titlecap.jpg "Forget Me Not" March 9th
14 Porkules title.jpg "Porkules" HTLJ Season 4 March 16th
15 One fowl day title.jpg "One Fowl Day" March 23rd
16 Descent Into Death Part 2 XWP comics April
17 Fair cupcake title.jpg "My Fair Cupcake" HTLJ Season 4 April 13th
Fins Femmes Gems TITLE.jpg "Fins, Femmes and Gems" XWP Season 3
18 War wounds title.jpg "War Wounds" HTLJ Season 4 April 20th
Tsunami t.jpg "Tsunami" XWP Season 3
19 Twilight title.jpg "Twilight" HTLJ Season 4 April 27th
Vanishing Act TITLE.jpg "Vanishing Act" XWP Season 3
20 Descent Into Death Part 3 XWP comics May
21 Top god title.jpg "Top God" HTLJ Season 4 May 4th
Sacrifice I TITLE.jpg "Sacrifice" XWP Season 3
22 Reunions Title Card.jpg "Reunions" HTLJ Season 4 May 11th
Sacrifice II Title.jpg "Sacrifice II" XWP Season 3
23 Bloodlines Part Two XWP comics June
Xena and the Original Olympics Part One
24 Xena and the Original Olympics Part Two: Ladies First July
The Marriage of Hercules and Xena
25 Xena and the Original Olympics Part Three: Just One of the Girls August
26 The Wrath of Hera Part 1 September
27 150px "The Treasure of Zeus: Part 1" YH episode September 12th
28 Yh02.png "Between Friends: The Treasure of Zeus, Part 2" September 16th
29 Yh03.png "What a Crockery: The Treasure of Zeus, Part 3" September 17th
30 Yh04.png "Herc and Seek" September 18th
31 Yh05.png "Girl Trouble" September 19th
32 Yh06.png "Teacher's Pests" September 22nd
33 Yh07.png "Inn Trouble" September 24th
34 Yh08.png "Keeping Up with the Jasons" September 25th
35 Yh09.png "Amazon Grace" September 26th
36 Faith title card.jpg "Faith" HTLJ Season 5 September 28th
Adventures in the Sin Trade TITLE.jpg "Adventures in the Sin Trade" XWP Season 4
37 Yh10.png "Cyrano de Hercules" YH episode September 29th
38 The Wrath of Hera Part 2 XWP comics October
39 Yh11.png "Battle Lines: Part 1" YH episode October 1st
40 Yh12.png "Battle Lines: Part 2" October 2nd
41 Yh13.png "Forgery" October 3rd
42 HTLJS5E2TI.jpg "Descent" HTLJ Season 5 October 5th
Titlecard adventures II.jpg "Adventures in the Sin Trade II" XWP Season 4
43 Yh14.png "No Way Out" YH episode October 7th
44 Yh15.png "Ares on Trial" October 9th
45 Yh16.png "Down and Out in Academy Hills" October 10th
46 HTLJS5E3TI.jpg "Resurrection" HTLJ Season 5 October 12th
A Family Affair TITLE.jpg "A Family Affair" XWP Season 4
47 Ti.jpg "Genies and Grecians and Geeks, Oh My" HTLJ Season 5 October 19th
In Sickness TITLE.jpg "In Sickness and in Hell" XWP Season 4
48 Yh17.png "Winner Take All" YH episode October 24th
49 RUC.jpg "Render Unto Caesar" HTLJ Season 5 October 26th
A Good Day TITLE.jpg "A Good Day" XWP Season 4
50 Yh18.png "A Serpent's Tooth" YH episode October 29th
51 Yh19.png "The Lure of the Lyre" October 30th
52 Yh20.png "Fame" October 31st
53 NBNTI.jpg "Norse By Norsevest" HTLJ Season 5 November 2nd
A Tale of Two Muses TITLE.jpg "A Tale of Two Muses" XWP Season 4
54 Yh21.png "Lyre, Liar" YH episode November 3rd
55 Yh22.png "A Lady in Hades" November 4th
56 Yh23.png "The Mysteries of Life" November 5th
57 Yh24.png "Dad Always Liked Me Best" November 6th
58 "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge" HTLJ Season 5 November 9th
Locked Up and Tied Down TITLE.jpg "Locked Up and Tied Down" XWP Season 4
59 "Herc's Nemesis" YH episode November 10th
60 "Cold Feet" November 11th
61 "Mommy Dearests" November 12th
62 "In Your Dreams" November 13th
63 "Darkness Rising" HTLJ Season 5 November 16th
Crusader TITLE.jpg "Crusader" XWP Season 4
64 "Sisters" YH episode November 18th
65 "Golden Bow" November 19th
66 "Home for the Holidays" November 20th
67 "Cram-ped" November 24th