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Legendary Journeys
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"The Lady and the Dragon" and "The Xena Scrolls", the first episodes released in 1997.
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1997 was the fifth year of production on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, the third year of production on Xena: Warrior Princess, and the third year in which episodes from both series aired. It was also the first year of development on Young Hercules and when Amazon High was produced and began with the animated movie on January 6th.


The following direct-to-video films, television episodes, comic books, and novels were released in 1997:

# Title Card Release Series Date
1 Xena Huntress and Sphinx.jpeg The Huntress and the Sphinx XWP novels January
2 Animated Title Card.jpg Hercules and Xena - The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus HTLJ & XWP film January 6th
3 Lady Dragon Title Card.jpg "The Lady and the Dragon" HTLJ Season 3
Xena Scrolls TITLE.jpg "The Xena Scrolls" XWP Season 2 January 13th
4 Long Live the King Title.jpg "Long Live the King" HTLJ Season 3 January 20th
Here She Comes TITLE.jpg "Here She Comes... Miss Amphipolis" XWP Season 2
5 Surprise Title Card.jpg "Surprise" HTLJ Season 3 January 27
Destiny TITLE.jpg "Destiny" XWP Season 2
6 Herc 3 Eye of Ram.jpeg The Eye of the Ram HTLJ novels February
7 Encounter Title Card.jpg "Encounter" HTLJ Season 3 February 3rd
The Quest TITLE.jpg "The Quest" XWP Season 2
8 Man Woman Title.jpg "When a Man Loves a Woman" HTLJ Season 3 February 10th
A Necessary Evil TITLE.jpg "A Necessary Evil" XWP Season 2
9 Judgment Day Title.jpg "Judgment Day" HTLJ Season 3 February 17th
A Day in the Life TITLE.jpg "A Day in the Life XWP Season 2
10 Lost City Title.jpg "The Lost City" HTLJ Season 3 February 24th
For Him the Bell Tolls TITLE.jpg "For Him the Bell Tolls" XWP Season 2
11 Xena Thief of Hermes.jpeg The Thief of Hermes XWP novels March
12 Herc 4 First Casualty.jpeg The First Casualty HTLJ novels April
12 Contemptibles Title Card.jpg "Les Contemptibles" HTLJ Season 3 April 7th
Execution TITLE.jpg "The Execution" XWP Season 2
13 Reign of Terror Title.jpg "Reign of Terror" HTLJ Season 3 April 14th
Blind Faith TITLE.jpg "Blind Faith" XWP Season 2
14 End of the Beginning Title.jpg "The End of the Beginning" HTLJ Season 3 April 21st
Ulysses TITLE.jpg "Ulysses" XWP Season 2
15 War Bride Title Card.jpg "War Bride" HTLJ Season 3 April 28th
The Price TITLE.jpg "The Price" XWP Season 2
16 Xena Prophecy of Darkness.jpeg Prophecy of Darkness XWP novels May
17 Rock and a Hard Place Title.jpg "A Rock and a Hard Place" HTLJ Season 3 May 5th
Lost Mariner TITLE.jpg "Lost Mariner" XWP Season 2
18 Atlantis Title.jpg "Atlantis" HTLJ Season 3 May 12th
A comedy of eros TITLE.jpg "A Comedy of Eros" XWP Season 2
19 Plowshares Into Swords XWP comics August
Revenge of the Gorgons
The Theft of the Young Lovelies Part I
20 The Plant of Never-Death September
The Theft of the Young Lovelies Part II
21 Beanstalks title.jpg "Beanstalks and Bad Eggs" HTLJ Season 4 September 29th
The Furies TITLE.jpg "The Furies" XWP Season 3
22 The Temple of the Dragon God XWP comics October
The Theft of the Young Lovelies Part III
23 Hero's Heart Title.jpg "Hero's Heart" HTLJ Season 4 October 6th
Been There, Done That TITLE.jpg "Been There, Done That" XWP Season 3
24 Regrets title.jpg "Regrets... I've Had a Few" HTLJ Season 4 October 13th
The Dirty Half Dozen TITLE.jpg "The Dirty Half Dozen" XWP Season 3
25 Web of desire title.jpg "Web of Desire" HTLJ Season 4 October 20th
Deliverer titlecard.jpg "The Deliverer" XWP Season 3
26 Strange world title.jpg "Stranger in a Strange World" HTLJ Season 4 October 27th
Gabrielle's Hope TITLE.jpg "Gabrielle's Hope" XWP Season 3
27 Two men title card.jpg "Two Men and a Baby" HTLJ Season 4 November 3rd
Debt I TITLE.jpg "The Debt" XWP Season 3
28 Prodigal sister title.jpg "Prodigal Sister" HTLJ Season 4 November 10th
The Debt II TITLE.jpg "The Debt II" XWP Season 3
29 And fancy free title.jpg "...And Fancy Free" HTLJ Season 4 November 17th
The King of Assassins TITLE.jpg "The King of Assassins" XWP Season 3
30 The Dragon's Teeth Part One XWP comics December