Legendary Journeys
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1996 was the fourth year of production on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, the second year of production on Xena: Warrior Princess, and the second year in which episodes from both series aired. It was also the year in which the first comic books and novels were released.


The following television episodes, comic books, and novels were released in 1996:

# Title Card Release Series Date
1 Sword veracity title.jpg "The Sword of Veracity" HTLJ Season 2 January 8th
The Balck Wolf TITLE.jpg "The Black Wolf" XWP Season 1
2 Enforcer title.jpg "The Enforcer" HTLJ Season 2 January 15th
Beware Greeks TITLE.jpg "Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts" XWP Season 1
3 ACAOTPB TITLE.jpg "Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards" January 22nd
4 Once a hero title.jpg "Once a Hero" HTLJ Season 2 January 29th
Titlecard114.jpg "A Fistful of Dinars" XWP Season 1
5 Heedless hearts title.jpg "Heedless Hearts" HTLJ Season 2 February 5th
Warrior... Princess TITLE.jpg "Warrior... Princess" XWP Season 1
6 Games begin title.jpg "Let the Games Begin" HTLJ Season 2 February 12th
Mortal Beloved TITLE.jpg "Mortal Beloved" XWP Season 1
7 Apple title.jpg "The Apple" HTLJ Season 2 February 19th
Royal Couple TITLE.jpg "The Royal Couple of Thieves" XWP Season 1
8 Promises title.jpg "Promises" HTLJ Season 2 March 4th
The Prodigal TITLE.jpg "The Prodigal" XWP Season 1
9 King for day title.jpg "King For A Day" HTLJ Season 2 March 18th
10 Protean challenge title.jpg "Protean Challenge" April 22nd
Altared States TITLE.jpg "Altared States" XWP Season 1
11 Wedding of alcmene title.jpg "The Wedding of Alcmene" HTLJ Season 2 April 29th
Ties That Bind TITLE.jpg "Ties That Bind" XWP Season 1
12 Power title.jpg "The Power" HTLJ Season 2 May 6th
"The Greater Good" XWP Season 1
13 Centaur mentor journey title.jpg "Centaur Mentor Journey" HTLJ Season 2 May 13th
Callisto TITLE.jpg "Callisto" XWP Season 1
14 The Trial of Hercules Part 1 HTLJ comics June
15 Death Mask TITLE.jpg "Death Mask" XWP Season 1 June 3rd
16 Hercules & Xena - The Comic Book Begins first panel.png Hercules & Xena: The Comic Book Begins HTLJ comics June 15th
17 Cave of echoes title.jpg "The Cave of Echoes" HTLJ Season 2 June 24th
18 HTLJ King of Thieves.jpg The King of Thieves HTLJ books July
Trapped in the Underworld.jpg Trapped in the Underworld
The Trial of Hercules Part 2 HTLJ comics
19 ITADITH TITLE.jpg "Is There a Doctor in the House?" XWP Season 1 July 29th
20 The Warrior Princess HTLJ comics August
21 The Warrior Princess Part 2: The Shaper HTLJ comics September
22 Mercenary Title Card.jpg "Mercenary" HTLJ Season 3 September 30th
Oow t.jpg "Orphan of War" XWP Season 2
23 Herc 1 By the Sword.jpeg By The Sword HTLJ novels October
Xena The Empty Throne.jpeg The Empty Throne XWP novels
The Warrior Princess Part 3: Smile for the Chimaera HTLJ comics
24 Doomsday Title Card.jpg "Doomsday" HTLJ Season 3 October 7th
Remember Nothing TITLE.jpg "Remember Nothing" XWP Season 2
25 Love Takes Holiday Title.jpg "Love Takes a Holiday" HTLJ Season 3 October 14th
Giant Killer TITLE.jpg "The Giant Killer" XWP Season 2
26 Mummy dearest title.jpg "Mummy Dearest" HTLJ Season 3 October 21st
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun TITLE.jpg "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" XWP Season 2
27 Not Fade Away Title.jpg "Not Fade Away" HTLJ Season 3 October 28th
Return of Callisto TITLE.jpg "Return of Callisto" XWP Season 2
28 Monster Child Title.jpg "Monster Child in the Promised Land" HTLJ Season 3 November 4th
Warrior... Princess... Tramp TITLE.jpg "Warrior... Princess... Tramp" XWP Season 2
29 Green-eyed Title card.jpg "The Green-Eyed Monster" HTLJ Season 3 November 11th
Intimate Stranger TITLE.jpg "Intimate Stranger" XWP Season 2
30 Prince Hercules Title.jpg "Prince Hercules" HTLJ Season 3 November 18th
Ten Little Warlords TITLE.jpg "Ten Little Warlords" XWP Season 2
31 Herc 2 Serpent's Shadow.jpeg Serpent's Shadow HTLJ novels December
32 Star to guide title.jpg "A Star to Guide Them HTLJ Season 3 December 9th
Solstice title.jpg "A Solstice Carol" XWP Season 2