Legendary Journeys
Legendary Journeys
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"The Wrong Path", the first episode of
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, was released in 1995.
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1995 was the third year of production on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, the first year of production on Xena: Warrior Princess, and the first year in which episodes from both series aired, although five television movies for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys had aired the year before.


The following television episodes were released in 1995:

# Title Card Release Series Date
1 The Wrong Path Title Card.jpg "The Wrong Path" HTLJ Season 1 January 16th
2 Eye beholder title.jpg "Eye of the Beholder" January 23rd
3 Calydon title.jpg "The Road to Calydon" January 30th
4 Festival 01.jpg "The Festival of Dionysus" February 6th
5 Ares Title Card.png "Ares" February 13th
6 Darkness falls title.jpg "As Darkness Falls" February 20th
7 Pride brawl title.jpg "Pride Comes Before a Brawl" February 27th
8 March freedom title.jpg "The March to Freedom" March 6th
9 Warrior princess title.jpg "The Warrior Princess" March 13th
10 Gladiator title.jpg "Gladiator" March 20th
11 Vanishing dead title.jpg "The Vanishing Dead" April 24th
12 Gauntlet title.jpg "The Gauntlet" May 1st
13 Unchained heart title.jpg "Unchained Heart" May 8th
14 The King of Thieves title card.jpg "The King of Thieves" HTLJ Season 2 September 4th
SINS OF PAST.jpg "Sins of the Past" XWP Season 1
15 All that glitters title.jpg "All That Glitters" HTLJ Season 2 September 11th
Cow t.jpg "Chariots of War" XWP Season 1
16 What name title.jpg "What's in a Name?" HTLJ Season 2 September 18th
DWTITLE.jpg "Dreamworker" XWP Season 1
17 Siege naxos title.jpg "Siege at Naxos" HTLJ Season 2 September 25th
Cradleofhopetitlecard.jpg "Cradle of Hope" XWP Season 1
18 Outcast title.jpg "Outcast" HTLJ Season 2 October 2nd
Pathnottakentitelcap.jpg "The Path Not Taken" XWP Season 1
19 Broken sky title.jpg "Under the Broken Sky" HTLJ Season 2 October 9th
20 Mother monsters title.jpg "The Mother of All Monsters" October 16th
Titlecap reckoning .jpg "The Reckoning" XWP Season 1
21 Other side title.jpg "The Other Side" HTLJ Season 2 October 30th
TheTitans titlecard.jpg "The Titans" XWP Season 1
22 Fire below title.jpg "The Fire Down Below" HTLJ Season 2 November 6th
Prometheus titlecap.jpg "Prometheus" XWP Season 1
23 Giant shdow title.jpg "Cast a Giant Shadow" HTLJ Season 2 November 13th
Death in Chainstitlecard.jpg "Death in Chains" XWP Season 1
24 Highway to hades title.jpg "Highway to Hades" HTLJ Season 2 November 20th
H&h titlecard.jpg "Hooves and Harlots" XWP Season 1